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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Was it something I said that’s provoking this fuss?
That we have to discuss?

Can you simply remind yourself I’m an obnoxious old cuss?
Do we have to discuss?

Must we worry this subject as if it were spread
Like a ratty old blanket on young Rover’s head
To be tossed in the air as if we intended it thus –
Do we have to discuss?

Look, I’m all for discussing affairs of the day,
Which I do with such passion my
     hair has turned grey;
And I don’t mind discussing affairs of the heart,
For what starts out as madness matures into art.
You can ask me to talk about music or books,
Or secrets of cooking (if anyone cooks),
I love to talk dirty, I’ll try to talk clean,
Or at least find a balance that’s somewhere between.
But this current disaster I’m forced to bescorn
(There’s a teapot somewhere where this tempest was born);
It’s a kiss in the dark, a forgettable buss.
Do we have to discuss?

There are plenty of problems that fester and grow
When you leave them in darkness – that much I know.
But this one’s as lively as someone’s discarded old truss.
Do we have to discuss?

I suppose I could re-set my attitude, move it from “scorn” to “nonplus.”
Do we have to discuss?

Can it just be a problem that floats near to us?
Do we have to discuss?

– 18 February 2004

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