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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Goons? Go On!

One of my last radio appearances wasn't even on my usual side of the Atlantic -- but that's only because I was Yank Johnny-on-the-Spot. My wife and I traveled to Bournemouth near the end of October, 1995, to attend "A Weekend Called Fred," a convention of Goon Show aficionados from around the world who descended on this channel-side resort town to meet some heroes (Harry Secombe and Dennis Main Wilson were there), demonstrate their Goon-character voices, and, one morning on the beach, hurl batter pudding.

The BBC's Roy Bainton was there, and interviewed me one morning in our hotel's dining room. My brief but pretentious-sounding segment was part of an excellent overview of the event -- and the Goon Shows themselves -- that was broadcast on 25 October 1995:

Roy Bainton and Byron Nilsson | 22 October 1995

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