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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Love Him

Ray of Sunshine Dept.: What a fractious day! People around me in the coffee shop bitching about the government shutdown, pointing empty fingers in all directions ... let's find the love in our hearts. Here's a lyric of mine to help.


Love him.
It’s easy, lady, love him.
Behave yourself and love him,
Ignore your foolish pride.

Just love him
Don’t let yourself complain
Of words he lets remain
Unsaid inside.

Love’s a way of speaking,
Spoken ev’rywhere.
How do I begin
Learning what’s within
And learning what to share?

If only
He’d make another call;
Tell me where to start
Looking for his heart,
Breaking through the wall!


Love him,
He makes it hard to love him,
But I’m supposed to love him,
I need a better plan.

To love him
Means learning how I feel,
Means learning what’s for real
As best I can.

Love’s a kind of nightmare
Posing as a dream.
Jealousy and fear
Hurry to be near
To hell with self-esteem.

If only
My heart could be my guide:
Nothing in the way,
Nothing we should say,
Nothing left to hide.

-- from "iFind You @ Last," music by Tom Savoy, lyrics by Byron Nilsson

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