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Friday, May 08, 2015

No Contest

Better for Verse Dept.: Doggerel written while I was on a business trip (during my computer magazine-writing days), sitting in a hotel bar in Dallas, missing my wife. I sure can get sentimental, can't I?


FEATS OF STRENGTH, acts of will,
Make you think I love you still.
Acts of will, cheating death;
Let me catch my breath.

I love you (upside-down);
Where the hell is out of town?
Out of town, on the road —
What a row I’ve hoed.

Settle down, marry me;
Why the hell should we be free?
Marry me, take my hand —
Sure, I understand.

So we stay side by side,
Ain’t no place where I can hide;
So I stand, naked still;
Honey, cure the chill.

Take my hand, marry me —
I’m for you and you’re for me.
Move right in, share my place —
Get right in my face.

Feats of strength, acts of will
Make me think I love you still.

— Dallas, 14 October 1995

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